Colvin Family Farm: Digital Storytelling

colvin.jpgShowing up at the market is one of the best things you can do to strengthen your relationship with customers. You can strengthen them further by telling your story via social media throughout the week.

Colvin Family Farm (Spring City, TN), shares their farming history with pride, supplementing their farmer’s market presence with a prolific website, facebook, and blog. They show up like friendly neighbors in your facebook feed, offering cooking tips and farm news, updates on CSA signups, and links to their website, which is full of personal stories and photos.

colvin_family_history_snapshot.PNGTo the left is a screenshot of their About our Farm page, where Adam Colvin, who farms and also manages the website, explains how small sustainable farming is tied to his family’s history and current identity.

Later on, in a paragraph about the 1990s, Adam writes:

“Mom and Dad were finally able to purchase the farm that they had dreamed of for eighteen years. Forty-one acres of rough, mountain farmland, with a broken down farm house that neighbors claimed was the oldest on the mountain. Dad and my Uncles put several weeks of hard work into making the house temporarily livable, and we moved to the farm looking forward to the day when we could make a living together on the farm.”

With entries like these, Adam gives us a taste of his parents’ hardscrabble Tennessee farm and their all-hands-on-deck approach to family farming. Below is a photo that is another way of illustrating that experience. The caption reads "Isaac and Noah showing off their work." Engage with your customers with short blog posts, facebook posts and photos.colvin_family_blog_snap.PNG

We all have our own motivations for doing what we love.  Find a way to tell that story, and expand on it every few days with short posts on your website, facebook, instagram, or blog. Your personal history and your perspective will make you stand out.