Be a Friend

Farmers work incredibly hard. Marketing can easily fall by the wayside, yet farms need an adequate and loyal customer base to succeed.

The good news: More people want to connect with their farmer. They want to know how and where their food is produced. We're working to help farmers draw on this interest to build thriving farm businesses.

The ask: Help us serve more farmers. With your support we will develop image-rich marketing resources to help farmers connect to customers, tell their stories, and begin to build lasting relationships. Here's what your contribution makes possible:

$25 - printed slips to help us direct another 85 farms to these resources

$50 - an image-rich, professionally-designed brochure for a family farm

$100 - custom designed banner to use at the farmers market

$250 - a well-designed logo for farmers ready to improve their marketing

Who's donating

Jean Millett
Amy & Bryan Willoughby