Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see the answer to your question here, please get in touch!

What is the deadline to apply?


We will review applications on a rolling basis until April 20, 2016. Strong candidates who submit their application early in the review period may be awarded the free service before the deadline. 

Can I apply for both logo and video marketing assistance?


We recommend you apply only for the one that would be most valuable to your farm.  In order to serve the greatest number of operations, we prefer not to grant both benefits to a single farm.

Who is eligible to apply?


To be eligible, an operation should meet the following criteria:

- At least 40% of sales are via local and direct-market channels such as farmers markets, CSAs, farm stand, restaurants and local food coops or independent grocers.

- Operation is managed according to sustainable practices, and this fact is indicated through public statements and/or certification

- Located in the United States

The applicant must be one of the primary managers of the farming or beekeeping operation. They must also be willing to put time into collaborating with the graphic designer (for logo development) or the videographer and editor (for video development) during the spring, summer or fall of 2015. 

What criteria will be used to select awardees?


Preference will be given to applicants who:

- Manage operations that meet the eligibility requirements (required)

- Can identify some elements of the story or image they'd like to convey through their marketing

- Are making other specific efforts to enhance their marketing plans

- Seem like they will benefit most from this assistance 

- Are Certified Naturally Grown or have another meaningful certification

Who is funding this project?


This project is funded primarily through a grant to Certified Naturally Grown from the Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP) 2014. It is further supported by individuals who have donated, and by the generosity of our graphic designers who have done this work at a discounted rate because they want to see sustainable local farmers succeed.  

What is Certified Naturally Grown?


Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) offers peer-review certification for farmers and beekeepers producing food for their local communities without using synthetic chemicals or GMOs. A hallmark of CNG is its high degree of transparency - all CNG certified producers have a public profile that includes their contact information and certification documents. Today there are more than 750 CNG farmers and beekeepers in 48 states. Learn more and apply online at www.CNGfarming.org

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