Making CNG part of your brand

Screen_Shot_2015-05-22_at_10.57.47_AM.pngOne of the most exciting parts of my job as the Member Services Coordinator at Certified Naturally Grown is watching how small farms find ways to incorporate their certification into their story.

While the CNG logo is shared by hundreds of CNG producers, each farm has a unique relationship with their certification, and that relationship emerges differently for everyone. Some make the CNG logo their profile picture on Facebook, while others make it part of their logo. Lots of farmers purchase stickers and twist ties with the CNG logo, and some even find creative ways to incorporate it into their signage on the farm and at the market!

For farms who are starting out, CNG certification forms a foundational part of their identity. The logo helps set them apart from other vendors at the market, and provides their customers with an idea of what they stand for.

Chris Adams of Beach View Farms, in Manahawkin, NJ, for example, immediately stands out as a relatively young farmer who really takes advantage of the CNG brand.  Last summer, his intern and his mother painted the sign (above) that has since become an iconic part of their farm's identity. The colorful CNG logo is painted prominently next to their farm’s name, and “Proud to be Certified Naturally Grown.” These careful, hand painted letters reflect the farm’s DIY spirit and their commitment to CNG values and principles. On their homepage, Sustainable, Certified Naturally Grown Farming, is superimposed against a charming background photo of the hand-painted sign. The photo also appears on their Instagram and Facebook profiles and emerges as an essential part of their brand and story. 

Chris says "The CNG logo is a huge part of our marketing. We use it as much as possible and try to portray it in any way. We use it to set us apart from other local farms and mostly use it as a conversation starter."

Screen_Shot_2015-05-22_at_10.59.39_AM.pngFor many CNG farmers, the logo and informational pieces (such as our farm cards and honey cards) become helpful marketing tools. Jennings Apiary, for example, recently posted a screenshot (left) of the Honey Card produced by CNG to tell the story of their honey. 

Brand new to CNG, Asteri Acres is run by Jackie Sawicki, who describes her backyard farm as a North Texas SuburbanScreen_Shot_2015-05-22_at_11.01.24_AM.png
 Permaculture Homestead. In using the CNG logo as their profile photo on both LocalHarvest and Facebook, they send a message to their community that they not only offer hard-to-find heirloom vegetables and permaculture education, but also identify with a certification that’s as grassroots as they are.  

Another popular way to integrate the logo into your farm's brand is through your farmers market banner. Maggy's Farm (below) created a banner that features their farm's name and hand-drawn logo framed by the colorful CNG logo. If you're looking to integrate your certification in your brand, consider the banner templates that we offer through our new Stand Out Design Services

maggys.jpgHow do you integrate your certification into your brand? There's lots of possibilities, whether your style is hand-painted, digital, or crisp and clear on a banner.