Telling the Story of Your Team at Moon Dog Farms

moongal3.jpgPhotos of people are naturally very engaging, and the folks at Moon Dog Farms know it! Instagram can help you show who is important to you, and in doing so, can help you connect with your followers.




The team at Moon Dog Farms - Farmers Casey and McFarmer, as they call themselves - are anything but shy; their friendly faces are regulars in our Instagram feed. We'd really notice (and might have to call them to check in) if they left. What a great (shining) example of technology bringing us all closer.


Through Instagram, they introduce us to their entire extended team: employees, customers, pets, wildlife, and friends. We know that it can be hard to take photos of people at the market when you're making change and stocking veggies, but it's worth it! Photos of your customers with their weekly haul might just get your sleepiest Instagram followers out of bed and to the market. Another Moon Dog idea-- take regular pictures of you or your employees at the market with your logo in the background. Be recognized!

mooncritter2.jpgWhat's more, Moon Dog Farms' captions are just as recognizable as their faces. Humorous, imaginative, and inviting tidbits of information (often with use of a hashtag - i.e. #moonfood, #mcfarmer, or #2015becrazy) keep us chuckling. You'll notice that their tone stays consistently upbeat whether they're ankle-deep in water or weeding the snapdragons. 

moondogcat2.jpgTake a moment to think about your farm's team and the energy that drives you.  How about passionate... sentimental...serious, goofy, progressive, or rooted in tradition? Jot down what comes to mind, and try taking photos and choosing words that align with, and share, your farm family.