Your Certification is News!

Screen_Shot_2016-08-12_at_11.36.14_AM.pngLocal farmers are often regarded as our "unsung heroes." We like the sentiment that farmers are our quiet heroes, but we're in the business of knowing your farmer! So we are here to sing about it, with the help of community newspapers. 

The best way to ensure that your paper knows about you is simple: reach out to them.

Journalists at community newspapers are always looking for educational and buzz-worthy topics to write about. With so much interest in locally grown and organic food these days, chances are they'll want your story! That's why we wrote our Marketing Lesson on Press Releases--to help farmers tap into resources like newspapers and local blogs.

Impress them with a press release that includes your newsworthy information. A press release is a nice and easy way to tell the newspaper everything they need to know about your farm or event--including your farming history, your certification, and where you sell your produce--so that they can quickly write a story about it. 

sassafras_article_image.PNGSometimes local journalists will reach out to you. That's what happened to farmer Chris Adams of Sassafras Hill Farm in Barnegat, New Jersey, recently. For Adams, social media was key to getting noticed by the press:

"What we have found is that by using social media and knowing how to tag other businesses in your local area, you broaden the people you reach, and in turn the press should learn who you are."

The article was a great opportunity for Adams to share his community-oriented approach to farming.

Another great way to get on the community's radar is hosting events at the farm. Try partnering with other organizations. The event will be covered by your press, and so will your farm.

If you're too busy harvesting tomatoes to write a press release about your upcoming event or recent certification accomplishments, we will gladly write one for you! All you have to do is email or call us to let us know what you'd like to share. Who knows, maybe your press release will put your farm on the radar for other food and farming stories like the one above.

Articles like these are truly golden--you can save it on your farm's website, share it with your CSA members, and reach a wide audience without too much effort.