Origins Farm: Instagramming the Farming Life

origins.pngInstagram is quickly becoming the farmer’s new favorite tool, connecting them with customers, food-loving strangers, and other like-minded farmers.

If you’re unfamiliar with Instagram, think of it as a library of photos from millions of smartphones around the world, organized by tags that link similar subjects together. It’s increasingly more accessible and efficient than other social media platforms because of its quick, simple interface. The focus here is living in-the-moment and instantly sharing it with others.

Small farmers are among the world’s best situated folks to capture the beauty of food and nature. If you're surrounded by vibrant plants, cute animals, rolling hills, or old weathered barns against blue skies, you’ll be great at this.

Origins Farm, a CNG farm in Hanover, VA, for example, has more than 2,700 followers and hundreds of ‘likes’ per photo. Take a peek at their instagram page. Yes, you can take photos like that too!IMG_9441.PNG

Go the extra mile and think of a unique way to tag your photos. You’ll notice that Origins Farm sometimes tags their rows of kale or unusual heirloom varieties with #growdifferent. Similarly,they tag workday scenes with #thisfarminglife.  These tags link Origins Farm with other farms who might share the same mantras, connecting them to even wider audiences.

We encourage CNG instagrammers to share their pride via #CNGProud. Even though we've only posted 55 photos (view them here!) there’s more than 450 photos from dozens of farms that illustrate different reasons to be proud of your CNG certification and growing practices. In addition to the straightforward #certifiednaturallygrown tag (nearly 900 photos!), this hashtag helps farmers and customers follow one another and bond over victories and challenges on the farm.

cngproud.pngUse this (free!) farm tool to connect you with current and potential CSA members, local chefs, fellow makers, independent well as your national grassroots farming network! Share your thoughts, your visions, and the rhythms of your farming life with us; give it a shot.