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What does it mean to use storytelling in your farm's marketing?

What makes a good story? Certainly your farm's distinctive and high-quality products are a good start, but at the heart of a memorable story are memorable characters. Your customers want to connect with you, with your farm, with your animals. They really DO want to hear about your struggles and your triumphs. They are seeking truth and believability, so honesty is always going to be on your side.

Ancient stories brought tribes of people together; they fostered a sense of belonging and community. Build your tribe by giving your customers a way to identify with your farm, with your way of life and with your set of values. Be yourself!

Incorporate this ethos into everything you do - it won't be accomplished in one video! As you prepare for a season of storytelling, think about what you'd like to share about the farm, and how you can show YOUR story through the visual medium of film.

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